3 Keys to Succeed in Dentrix Ascend Imaging Webinar (August 2022)

Setting up and using a new software system can be challenging even when you have
experience acquiring patient images. The last thing you want is to run into a
problem that prevents you from acquiring a patient image, or worse yet, potentially
lose credibility by appearing like you don’t know what you’re doing in front
of a patient.  Watch this webinar to learn how to set up computer and
imaging devices, acquire images, and solve common problems in Dentrix Ascend

This webinar has been split into 5 videos. Click the expansion icon on a video to watch in full screen.

1. Setting up your computer and imaging devices (5:41)

3. Solving common imaging problems ​(8:56)

5. Recap and Q&A (9:19)


2. Understanding the acquiring images workflow (20:38)

4. Acquiring 3D CBCT images (4:44)

Update to Scenario 1 Accidental Deletion in the Solving common imaging problems video: Since this webinar, there has been a software update for restoring deleted images. With Release 407, you can restore previously deleted imaging exams and images in Dentrix Ascend.

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