User Accounts Disabled for Unauthorized Integration

Q: Why is my add-on product no longer working? 

If your add-on product has been disabled, it is because our system has detected an unauthorized integration of a third-party product that is accessing Ascend data outside of our approved methods.  

Q: What is an unauthorized integration? 

An unauthorized connection is a connection between a third-party provider and Dentrix Ascend that has not been created as part of the Dentrix Developer Program. These integrations often use technology to pull information from Ascend via the user interface or from a Chrome plug-in. This isn’t an approved way to connect to Ascend.  

Unauthorized access presents security and data integrity risks and puts an unexpected and higher-than-normal load on our system which results in slowness for all Ascend users.

Q: Why can’t I do this with my own practice data? 

It is your data. However, we have specific channels available to access it. These channels are managed to ensure secure and safe ways to access or use your data. 

Use of unauthorized integrations violates the Ascend Terms and Conditions. These integrations can impede performance for both your account and other users. 

Q: Who are the authorized partners? 

Click here to find a list of authorized partners. We do not have a list of all the companies with unauthorized connections. If you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Q: I like this third-party integration. Can I continue using it?

If you are using an unauthorized software connection in your practice and would like to continue doing so, reach out to the vendor and encourage them to become a Henry Schein One approved partner.

Q. Should I change my Dentrix Ascend password? 
If you know the user account that was associated with your unauthorized connection, we recommend you delete that user account or change the password to protect your data.

Article authored by Jonathan Alldredge.