Release Notes: April 10, 2023 (Prod 408)

This release introduces an exciting update to automated insurance eligibility checks. A time-saving checkbox has been added for scheduling events, and configuring email preferences for primary contacts has been error proofed.


Automated Eligibility Check Enhancement

This release introduces automated insurance eligibility checks from the moment you schedule an appointment within the current four-day window. Before this update, Dentrix Ascend performed eligibility checks four days before the patient appointment and did not consider any new appointments.

Now when you schedule an appointment, even if it’s the same day, Dentrix Ascend automatically performs an eligibility check. When you click Insurance Eligibility on the Calendar menu, you can see that the patient automatically appears on the Insurance Eligibility page.

Note that when the appointment you schedule is not within the next four days—for example, next month—the appointment eligibility will be checked normally when it reaches the regular four-day window.

Note: If the insurance carrier payer ID is 06126, the appointment will appear on the Insurance Eligibility page, but you will still have to manually verify the patient’s insurance, because it is an unsupported carrier.

IMPORTANT: To perform automated insurance eligibility checks of any kind, you must ensure the Batch Job for Insurance Eligibility switch is toggled to Yes on the Location Information page.

Patient Information

Additional Primary Contact Email Indicators

The previous release introduced several enhancements to the handling of patient email addresses, as configured on the Basic Info tab of the Patient Information page. This release introduces similar email updates to the Appointment Information panel in the Calendar.



The program no longer allows you to save a misconfiguration. An alert message in the Preferred Contact Method of the Page Information page explains why.

The same error message appears in the Calendar appointment panel.


Schedule Event Enhancement

In this release, All has been added as an option to the Recurrence tab when you want to schedule a weekly reoccurring event in the Calendar. When you select All, all the days of the week are selected.

User Rights

This update does not introduce any new user rights.