Why Dentrix Ascend Posts UCR Fees (2:44)

The production calculations in the Dentrix Ascend Ledger may be different from other systems you were accustomed to. Dentrix Ascend shows you the gross production, all the write-offs, and adjustments considered to reach the net production. Seeing all the numbers that make up the net production amount means that you have: Watch this video to … Read more

Sending Electronic Statements (2:01)

The simplest and most inexpensive way to transmit your patients’ billing statements is to send them electronically. With electronic statements, you send the statements directly to the patients’ email addresses or mobile phone numbers. A hyperlink invites them to open a PDF of their statement, which they can open in a browser and print or … Read more

Collecting Payment at Patient Checkout (2:16)

Collecting the patient portion at the time of service helps you reduce the amount of money you have to collect later. It also improves the practice’s cash flow and reduces accounts receivable (A/R). To help you remember to collect that patient payment, Dentrix Ascend provides an automatic reminder in the form of an appointment task. … Read more