Release Notes: March 09, 2023 (Prod 406)

This update introduces a refinement to the Ledger Report released earlier and adds a minor adjustment to the Ledger for carrier payments by credit card.


Ledger Report Enhancement

This release introduces a new Include Payments/Adjustments checkbox to the Ledger Report options.

In the last release, the Ledger Report included all completed procedures, payments, adjustments, and claims. In this release, the new Include Payments/Adjustments checkbox gives you the option to include or exclude that information from the patient’s Ledger Report.

Note: By default, Include Payments/Adjustments is selected.

When Include Payments/Adjustments is selected, the following items appear on the Ledger Report:

  • Completed procedures
  • Payments
  • Adjustments
  • Claims
  • Balance Forward
  • Balance as of [date]

When Include Payments/Adjustments is not selected, only completed procedures appear on the Ledger Report.

Edit Claim Payment Modification

Because our third-party provider, WorldPay, does not return a cardholder name when you process an insurance carrier credit card payment, the Edit Claim Payment window will no longer include the Cardholder Name field for this transaction type.

User Rights

No new user rights were added for this update.

New Learning Content

As the Dentrix Ascend software continues to change and improve, our resources also expand and update when needed.

Blog Tip

Customizing Overdue Claim Timeframes

You can customize the expected period of insurance claim resolution and get a more exact picture of how many of your claims are overdue.