5 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Collections Webinar (Oct 2020)

The financial health of your practice is more important than ever! Join us with Dentrix Ascend certified trainer, Katie Nielsen, for this webinar where you will learn how to:

  • Streamline payment at patient checkout 
  • Improve follow-up with patients who checked out without making a payment 
  • Improve collections with a more effective billing schedule 
  • Use the new and improved version of the Aged Receivables report 
  • Use the patient connection to improve patient communication

(Duration: 43:04)

Click any of the following links to jump to the corresponding time in the video:

  • Use the Routing Panel to Collect Payment at Checkout (8:54)
  • Use the Workflow Compliance Report to follow up with patients (12:28)
  • Improve collections with a more effective billing schedule (17:03)
  • Use the Aged Receivables Report (24:02)
  • Use Patient Connections and Letter to Patient (26:58)
  • Q&A (33:06)

Additional Information:

Download the slide deck here: