Release Notes: March 27, 2024

Race and Ethnicity in Reports

With this update, many Power Reports can now include race and ethnicity. For now, you must add the fields to a report manually because there isn’t a report that already includes this data. However, a standardized race/ethnicity report that satisfies government reporting requirements is planned for release in the near future.

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Note: The ability to attach race and ethnicity to a patient was made available in a prior update.

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Quick Links on Patient Information Ribbon

You can now quickly navigate to the Treatment Planner using a new link on the Patient Information ribbon. This quick link allows you to quickly review and present a patient’s treatment plan without having to navigate first to the Chart tab in a patient’s clinical record and then select the Tx Planner tab.

Prior to this update, the quick links were text. Now they are buttons.

Also, prior to this update, some quick links would be hidden if the width of the viewing area didn’t allow all the quick links to fit on the ribbon. Now all the quick link buttons are available regardless of the width of the viewing area, but the buttons can become smaller and be displayed in two rows when necessary.

Normal presentation:

Compact presentation:

The buttons are displayed in the following order:

  1. Chart
  2. Progress Notes
  3. Imaging
  4. Tx Planner
  5. Ledger
  6. Document Manager
  7. Appointments
Primary Insurance Payments on Secondary Claims

To help avoid claim delays, when you create a secondary insurance claim, the following details of an insurance payment for the primary claim will now appear on a secondary claim (printed or electronic):

  • Box 24 – The transaction date of the payment(s)
  • Box 26 – The text “JP”
  • Box 30 – The text “Primary Insurance Payment”
  • Box 31 – The amount of the payment (including a zero dollar payment), or the total amount of payments made on the same transaction date
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If multiple payments have been entered on separate days for the primary insurance claim, the original primary insurance payment and subsequent primary insurance payments will appear as separate line items on a secondary insurance claim (printed/electronic).