Processing Unsent Claims (1:07)

It is not always possible to send claims immediately as you are checking a patient out.  Sometimes the phone rings or another patient needs to be checked in.  For all those claims that have not been sent there is one spot to go to in Ascend to follow up on unsent claims. Watch this video … Read more

Processing Unresolved Claims (4:25)

Dentrix Ascend has excellent tools for handling insurance claims. Two of these tools are the Unresolved Claims widget and Unresolved Claims list. On the widget, you see at a glance the total number of unresolved claims, how many of those claims have been rejected, and the total dollar amount of those unpaid claims. From the Unresolved Claims … Read more

Adding Required Attachments to Claims (3:15)

Part of your office routine is to review unsent claims and attach the required exams, images, and notes so that your claims get accepted the first time. Dentrix Ascend makes it easy for you to know when those attachments are needed. Watch this video to learn how to add required attachments to an insurance claim. … Read more