Production, Collection, and Growth: How Did You Do Last Year? Webinar (Jan 2023)

Reviewing practice performance is an important task that should not be overlooked. Do you know where to start? This webinar, tailored specifically for business owners and managers, will show you which production, collection, and practice growth reports you’ll need to see how well your practice performed last year. It will also show you how to … Read more

5 Steps to Getting Patient Portion Estimates You Can Trust Webinar (Sept 2022)

Description: Correctly setting up your insurance plans, coverage, and exceptions results in more accurate treatment plans and proper patient and insurance portion estimates. The right setup can help you confidently collect the correct amount at the time of service rather than waiting to see what the insurance carrier pays and then trying to collect balances. … Read more

End-of-Year Best Practices Webinar (Oct 2022)

The end of the year is always a busy time in a dental practice. In addition to your everyday tasks, you need to complete tasks for the end of the year and for the upcoming year.  Attend this webinar to learn how to find and contact patients with remaining benefits, update fee schedules, and complete … Read more