Ledger Enhancements Webinar (February 2021)

The Dentrix Ascend Ledger has substantial enhancements coming early in 2021, when you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the following functionality (and more):

  • Edit ledger transactions and maintain a clear history. Update your entries without modifying transactions in closed financial periods (key for practices using accrual-based accounting).
  • Run financial reports as of prior dates. It’s not just reporting “as of today” anymore!
  • Seamlessly calculate provider compensation. Calculating provider compensation is easier than ever before. Need to change the provider on a procedure that was paid to provider in last pay period? No problem, a reversing correction transaction is automatically posted when you edit the provider on a transaction, and totals updated.
  • New tools make compensation adjustments and reporting—plus communicating the results—easier than ever.

You’ll learn from the team who planned and designed these new features, hearing first-hand why we made these improvements and how the features work to make your everyday activities easier and faster.

Watch this webinar to learn about “Dentrix Ascend Ledger Enhancements.” (Duration: 53:56)

Click any of the following links to jump to the corresponding time in the video:

  • Dan Larsen – Frequently Asked Questions (6:20) 
  • Zack Church – Solution Walkthrough (8:24) 
  • Jonathan Alldredge – Reports (30:47) 
  • Dan Larsen – Release Dates (34:10) 
  • Jill Nesbitt – Workflow Suggestions (38:02) 
  • Q&A (45:01)