5 Must-Have Reports to SEE Your Success Webinar (March 2021)

The financial health of your practice is more important than ever! Watch Dentrix Ascend certified trainer Katie Nielsen in this recorded webinar, where you will learn how to:

  • Identify 5 reports that can help evaluate the health of your practice
  • Locate those 5 reports in Dentrix Ascend
  • Understand the purpose of each report and why they are important
  • Interpret the data on each report
  • Understand how often you should run each report

(Duration: 41:18)

Click any of the following links to jump to the corresponding time in the video:

  • Report 1: The Production Trends Report (9:08) 
  • Report 2: The Collection Detail Report (12:14) 
  • Report 3: Scheduled Production by Month Report (15:04) 
  • Report 4: Insurance Utilization Report (17:52) 
  • Report 5: Provider A/R Totals Report (22:30) 
  • Q&A (30:41) 

Additional Information:

Post-webinar note: The Scheduled Production by Month report does NOT show net numbers. It reflects the UCR fee. This was a misunderstanding and we apologize for any inconvenience.