Adjusting how you view Dentrix Ascend in Chrome

Have you ever felt that perhaps the text is too small to read, or wished you
could zoom in on a page to see it better? You view Dentrix Ascend through an
Internet browser, and most browsers will allow you to adjust the zoom level.
You can try it out without permanently changing your default settings.

Watch this video to learn how to adjust your view of Ascend using Chrome. (Duration:

Additional Information

  • To identify the full screen key combination for your instance of Chrome for
    Apple, look for the Enter Full Screen option under the
    View menu. 
  • Like any website, there will be times when Ascend information or a button
    cannot be seen or is arranged differently when the zoom is not set at 100%.
    Return your settings to the recommended font and 100% zoom before reporting
    a problem with viewing Dentrix Ascend.