Adding an Annotated Image to an Insurance Claim or Predetermination

Adding supporting documentation to an insurance claim or a predetermination is recommended to speed up the insurance payment process. Adding an image with an annotation is a great way to specifically point out the areas of concern and help insurance carriers understand why the treatment is needed or why it was completed.

This tip is intended to teach you how to add an annotated image to an insurance claim to increase your insurance predetermination approvals and get paid quicker for insurance claims.

This task consists of 3 main steps:

  1. Export the image to your computer.
  2. Add the image to the patient’s Document Manager.
  3. Attach the image to the insurance claim or predetermination.

How to:

Export the image to your computer

  1. Select the annotated image(s) you want to submit to an insurance carrier and click Share.share.png
  2. The Exam or Image(s) to be shared window opens.
  • Under Options for Shared:
    • Check the boxes to Include annotation and measurements and Export as JPEG (Otherwise PNG). electronic claims.
  • Under Share exam as:
    • Select how you want to share the image exam. You can share the entire exam in one image, share the entire exam in separate image(s) or share the selected image(s). For this example, Select images(s) has been selected.
  • Click Export.

The image is automatically exported to either your Downloads folder or the location you have selected for your computer downloads.  

Note: Depending on your browser settings, a Save As dialog box may open where you can choose where to put the file.


Add the image to the patient’s Document Manager 

  1. Open the Patient menu and select Document Manager.
  2. Click Upload to add the annotated image to the patient’s Document Manager.upload.png
  3. The Upload Files window opens. Click Browse or drag the image file from your computer files to the Drop file here area.

4. The JPEG file(s) is displayed when it is uploaded. Click Done.


The annotated image has been added to the patient’s Document Manager.


Attach the image to the insurance claim or predetermination

  1. Open the Patient menu, and select Insurance Claims.
  2. Locate and open the insurance claim or predetermination.insurance_claim.png
  3. The Claim Detail window opens. Click the Attachments tab to attach the image to the insurance claim or predetermination.claim_attachment_tab.png
  4. Click Add from Document Manager.add_from_doc_manager.png
  5. Select the image that you want to attach to the claim or predetermination. The Select Type dropdown menu appears. Click the Select type dropdown menu and select X-RAY. Then click Save.add_image2.png
  6. The image appears in the attachment list. By default, the image is not selected. Select the image to attach it to the claim. Then click Submit to send the claim now or click Save if you want to send the claim later.checkmark_image.png

When you click Submit, the annotated image is attached, and the claim is submitted to the insurance carrier.


Additional Information

  1. To learn more about sharing images, read Exporting images.
  2. To learn more about how to attach an image to a claim, read Attaching image to claims.