Maximize the Potential of Your Financial Power Reports Webinar (Dec 2021)

We have created a series of short videos to help you get the most from the financial power reports. You may also wish to visit our Power Reporting FAQ. If you or your team members would like some quick Power Reporting tips, check out this Reconciliation Approach for Reports article, and use these resources below. 

(Please note: If the standard Provider A/R Totals report has been meeting your month-end reporting needs, you can continue to use that report.) 

 Introduction to Power Reporting (24:52)

With this basic review of Power Reporting or a refresher of its elements, you can confidently venture into this powerful reporting engine. 

 If you’ve wandered into the Power Reporting area and jumped back out in fear, or if it merely feels like you don’t know how to get started, you’re in the right place.  With this basic primer and a little practice, you can rev up the engine that runs Power Reporting. 

Click below to watch the Introduction webcast and post your questions. 

Using Power Reporting to Pay Providers on Collections (17:05)

The best report to use to pay providers on collections is the Applied Collections report. 

Your providers demand and deserve to be accurately compensated. If your organization pays providers based on collection—the amount of money the office actually receives—then you can confidently use Dentrix Ascend reports to identify collection totals. The Power Reporting advantage is that you can easily customize the report to exclude any adjustments that you do not want to impact provider compensation. 

Click here to watch the Paying on Collections webcast and post your questions. 

Using Power Reporting to Pay Providers on Production (15:38)

The best report to use to pay providers on net production is the Provider Production Report. 

When paying providers on production, it is critical that procedures be accurately linked to providers. Dentrix Ascend line-item accounting makes this easy to do. When it comes time to compensate your providers (and to simply see your net production), a Power Report can show your providers all charge adjustments, credit adjustments, procedures (gross production) and a grand total (net production) so they know the numbers can be trusted. 

Click here to watch the Paying on Production webcast and post your questions.

Using Dates in Power Reporting (21:40) 

Understand what the introduction of transaction dates and modified dates means for your financial reports in this specially focused webinar. 

Users make mistakes when posting procedures and sending claims. Frequently, mistakes aren’t found until the transactions are in a closed period. Dentrix Ascend offers a smooth workflow for correcting these mistakes in the user interface, but what is also needed is intact, reliable, and consistent financial reports. Discover how Power Reporting dates—especially the Modified Date and Transaction Date coupled with Revision History—have transformed Power Reporting into a financial reporting powerhouse. 

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Using Filters in Power Reporting (29:23) 

The right filter, appropriately applied, can turn a complicated report into a thing of beauty. 

Reports can return an overwhelming amount of information, like the proverbial drinking from a fire hoseFilters help you narrow the scope of information in a report. Need to limit the scope of a report to the past year, or past quarter, or past month? Need to zero in on one location or one specific provider? Watch this webcast to see how filters can help you to explore your data in wonderful and enchanting ways 

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